People today so lost in them and their social world..!! They have a number of name sake friends but not a single in real life!!!! A loyal friend today is blessing!! At a certain age you realise how important it is not to have fifteen-twenty friends but just one or two friends whom you can trust!!! If you have only one friend who is always there with you in your smooth-rough times who is trustworthy, believe me life is LIT

#bestfriendthings #imoyouaretheone


Death:An illusion;You are still here!!

There is a face smiling right back at me when I look up in the sky at night,between these twinkling stars and a bit away from the sparkling moon!! You are right there; Smiling wide; Having a look upon me, like how am I doing it all without you.I miss you alot and I know you do miss me more!! But your smile is my power to do the things that gradually makes you smile!!! #staysmiling:) #deathbeinganillusion #youarerighthere❤